Powerlines Overlook

Powerlines Overlook, as named by the Dreamland Resort website, is one of the most spectacular campsites that you could choose for your trip to Area 51; unfortunately, it is also one of the hardest to get to.

Plan on several hours to locate and travel the trail to this site, and a reliable four-wheel-drive vehicle with an experienced driver. Do not attempt to find this site after dark, or after any substantial storm. The road is not maintained and you will be miles from civilization if you get stuck.

If you do make it to the overlook, you’ll enjoy a wonderful view of the skies above Area 51, as well as a good place to pick up radio chatter from the base’s tower.


GPS Location: 37° 26.14850057982764 N, 115° 27.37405300140381 W

Accessibility: A high-clearance and four-wheel-drive vehicle is mandatory to reach this spot. If you do not have substantial experience maneuvering your vehicle in difficult terrain, then you will want to choose another camping location.

Amenities: None. This location is very remote. Make sure that you have plenty of water, food, gas, and especially a spare tire. It would also be a good idea to bring some common tools if anything goes wrong with your vehicle. Your cell phone make not work in this area and you may have to walk a substantial distance if things go wrong.

Distance from Area 51: 15 Miles

Distance from Rachel: 28 Miles

Distance from Ash Springs: 23 Miles

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