Area 51


The eye brows of the government must have risen when information about a Top Secret project was leaked to the public. It is evident that if you wish to make government “personnel” stand up and stare then you should write something about Area 51 and its Aliens. It is clear that Top Secret – Aliens – Stealth – SR 71, S4 have a common thread with area 51. The secret military installation that we call Area 51 is known by many names, such as Groom Lake, Watertown Strip, Paradise Ranch, and Dreamland. And while the US government refuses to acknowledge any of these names, they have admitted to an Air Force operating location near Groom Lake.

During World War II, the Groom Lake area was used as a bombing and gunnery range for the US Air Force. In the early 1950’s, Lockheed’s Clarence “Kelly” Johnson had begun work on a high-altitude spy plane, later called the U2. They needed a place to test the new plane, and on August 1, 1955, Groom Lake’s dry lake bed served as the premium location. In fact, Ben Rich in his book about the Skunk Work’s team wrote how it was Kelly Johnson who “had jokingly nicknamed this Godforsaken place Paradise Ranch, hoping to lure young and innocent flight crews.”

Later this installation was used to test the SR-71 Blackbird, Have Blue, and F-117. Not much has been declassified about these programs, and no one knows for sure what’s going on inside the base today.

Since its inception in 1955, the base has grown dramatically, and continues to grow each year. Today, it is home to world’s largest runway, and is capable of housing a large, unknown number of people.

Secrets And Stories Of Area 51

This is a military base approximately 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. To the U.S.A government, this is simply the Nevada Test and Training Range. However, according to the public, with a few exceptions, it is mostly conspiracy theorists. For the majority who have been influenced by the theories revealed through Magazines, TV and website reference call it Area 51. Why is the base restricted to the public? Why do you find on the ground stern signs and armed guards patrolling the fenced perimeters? Why do you encounter threatening warnings from air traffic control tower? Maybe the area 51 secrets are too heavy for the public.

It is believed that Area 51 is that place where scientists reverse-engineered alien technology. This is the same technology that was recovered from the Roswell crashed saucer in Mexico. However, no reports have come out to reveal whether the pentagon has made use of the advanced technology.


The existence of the base was classified for decades, however, nearly 20 years have passed since it was officially acknowledged. There are legitimate military and government reasons why the military base has kept a lot of information from the public.

Debunked claims

In the late 1980s, the UFO logged claims surrounding area 51 when a man by the name Robert Lazar told the media that he worked at Nellis as physicist. He said that he was working along scientists who were studying crashed flying sources on top secret projects. According to Lazar, the base had aliens and space crafts.


Robert Lazar opened the veil of security. He was convinced and ready to back up his story. He explained how he was involved in S4 and Area 51. He detailed all the items Area 51/S4 contained and the projects that were underway in the base. Obviously these details shocked the world. His information was so precise and included the exact coordinates of area S4. They were 37° 01′ 40″, W 115° 46′ 35″. This made people believe in the existence of area 51 aliens.


However, his claims were later disproven. It was then revealed that he had not only fabricated about his employment at Nellis but his entire background. However, his claims stirred the public a bit about Area 51.


Information vacuum

Wild speculations about Area 51 will always fill the void. The speculations include;

  • Extraterrestrial bodies
  • Super-secret military aircraft
  • Crashed spacecraft
  • Weather-controlling devices
  • Cutting-edge laser weapons
  • Time machines and many more

The Base Today
Observers have estimated that thousands of people are flown in from Las Vegas daily, to keep the base operational. The Defense contractor EG&G operates a private terminal in Las Vegas, and it has been reported using several different aircraft, including six different Boeing 737s using the “JANET” call sign, and “N” numbers registered to the United States Air Force.

Other employees arrive at the base via a mysterious white bus, which makes stops at Ash Spring, Crystal Springs, and Alamo—where it parks at the courthouse every night. The bus arrives at the base every morning around 8:30, and passes through the warning signs at Area 51′s front gates. The bus then makes its first security check at the guard shack, only a mile from the warning signs, and then continues to Groom Lake, almost seven miles past the Guard Shack.

The closest access that anyone without permission can get to Area 51 are the warning signs at the front gates. These gates are kept under close surveillance using road sensors, cameras, and the careful watch of the Area 51 border security, known as the “cammo dudes.” All surveillance and communication is channeled through the security facility on Bald Mountain–it has even been suggested that this base contains long-range cameras that can track all vehicle traffic on highway 375.

The closest legal place to view Area 51 is from the top of Tikaboo Peak, a mountain over 26 miles from the base. In the past the base was more easily seen from places like Freedom Ridge and Whitesides–but these locations were annexed by the US Government in 1999.

Today many people visit the land surrounding Area 51, and it has become a popular place for aircraft and UFO enthusiasts alike. While no one knows for sure what happens at Groom Lake, the Government can be sure that websites like,, and–as well as people like you–will be diligent in keeping a close eye.

Visiting Area 51

Area 51 is located in the southern desert of Nevada. Before visiting the area, it is important to understand that the Nevada Department of Transportation gave the highway running past the facility a special designation as the Extraterrestrial Highway otherwise known as Route 375. Consider the following steps when you visit Area 51.


Drive the Nevada Extraterrestrial Highway. The road runs 98 miles southeast from Warm Spring of Nevada. This is on Highway 6 to Highway 93. You can stop at the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel. The operators and the owners will be happy to discuss supposed UFO legends and sightings surrounding Area 51. The restaurant also has pictures and information posted.


Visit the area 51 mailbox. It is located on the south of Route 375 and east of Rachel, Nevada. It is said that the mailbox belongs to both the Air Force Base and a local farmer. This is the most photographed mailbox in the world. It was placed there so that those who believed in UFOs could write notes to area 51 aliens and drop them in the alien drop box attached to the mailbox.


There are many camping options, however, you can either camp or book a room at The Little A’Le’Inn. This is the only hotel you will find along the highway. Since the Air Force runs frequent training maneuvers even during the night, you could stay up all night and witness strange lights in the sky. Chances are you will see something you have never seen before in your city life.